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Simplifying Telecom, Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Health, and More! Adds 9 Countries and A Roam4Free Use

Pat Phelan, one cool dude, launched his Roam4Free service and added several more countries to the service. I don’t call any of those places, but I like it when obscure loopholes in US telecom law can be used for the good of everyone. :)

I was thinking about Pat’s Roam4Free service also. Since my employer pays my mobile phone bill, it’s not something of huge interest to me. However, I figured out a good use for it here in the states. Pat tells me that his SIM works on all GSM networks over here. The upshot of this is that it gives you a way to see which carrier has the best signal strength in your area without having to switch SIM cards. Granted, it would be expensive to make or receive a call here in the states–an issue Pat hopes to resolve soon–but it’s still a useful tool. Since the minutes never expire, it could also be useful if I travel internationally on personal business.

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