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uTorrent + Linux + VNC = Remote Bittorrenting

One of the machines I have set up is a headless Linux box running VNC. I use it as a file server, mostly. I also use it while I am away to Bittorent stuff using my own connection. I can then make it available via an SSL VPN box I have.

Anyway, I have grown considerably annoyed at the Bittorent clients available on Linux or on the Mac. Not because they are particularly bad, but because none of them support RSS worth a damn. However, uTorrent, one of the best torrent clients out there, does a decent job. It’s small, it’s fast, and it will run on Windows 95 for crying out loud! That means it should run fabulously under WINE, which allows you to run Windows binaries under Linux. And, in fact, it does run great under WINE.

I have followed various documents on the web that explain how to set up Bittorrent over RSS and set up the appropriate filters. I have my filters set up and the program continually runs under Linux that I can access from my machines at home as well as over my SSL VPN. When stuff is downloaded, I can just move it to the place I can get it over the SSL VPN, and off I go.

All of this will get an acid test next week when I will be away from the homestead again.

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