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Unlimited Free Music Lockers

Golden Boy Michael Roberston is shaking the world up again by offering free, unlimited music lockers. It turns out he’s been doing this for at least the past month or so, what we like to call a “soft launch,” but today was the announcement that this was going live.

Now, of course, there are some catches:

  1. When you initially sign up, you get a 1gb locker.
  2. At some point later, after they have added more capacity, you will get an email saying your unlimited storage is available.
  3. Files are limited to 10gb in size each and cannot contain any DRM.
  4. The “free” service is ad-supported.

They still offer a $40/year service, which increases the file size limits, let you upload DRMed tracks (which can’t be played through their web site, but can still be downloaded to your devices), no ads, and personal customer support.  I got the service when it was available for $20/year. It’s a nice place to store my music tracks, though I admit I don’t make much use of the remote streaming portion of the service. Maybe if I had a Symbian client available… ;)

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