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Did I Mention LifeBlog Has Networking Issues?

Why yes, in fact, I did. This time it came up today while I was testing an internal Nokia application that maintains a constant networking connection.

Meanwhile, I was trying to post a few of my pictures on LifeBlog. What happened? I got the “Posting failed, please try again later” message over and over again. Oh yeah, this application wants a constant connection and guess what LifeBlog has an issue with? So off to the Connection Manager to temporarily kill the GPRS connection, back to LifeBlog to hit post, and meanwhile praying it actually works.

I should have just used the Vox application for Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition, but I didn’t have it handy on the phone and I didn’t feel like trying to find it. You can find out more about it from this article in the Vox Knowledge Base.

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