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Nokia-Related Catching Up

For about the past week and a half or so, I have been purposefully not trying to keep up with what is in my RSS reader. Mostly because I haven’t either haven’t had time or haven’t had the desire. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on, what little I have been reading and what trickles into my inbox has kept me well enough informed.

Meanwhile, I am now making an effort, so here’s a few things that caught my eye, though it seems most of it is Nokia-related at the moment. Maybe it’s because that’s where I am in the stack. Anyway…

  • Qualcomm Announces HSPA+: More speed is good. Of course, I have my doubts as to whether Nokia will obtain this technology, given they’re still bickering with Qualcomm over CDMA technology.
  • Some Cool Pics of the Nokia E65: It was mentioned on a call I was on today that the Nokia E65 was flying off the shelves. These pictures give you a good idea why this phone is flying off the shelves. I saw a prototype of this phone in Finland in October, and it was truly as sexy as it looks.
  • Detailed Review of Nokia E90: The Communicator is back! And unlike in previous versions, it’s got just about everything you could want today. Well, except for American UMTS/HSDPA bands…
  • Why no S60 Love in the US?: I got to ask a upper-level executive this question point-blank in a meeting today. While I understood his answer within the context of Enterprise Solutions, it doesn’t explain the overall company’s approach to the US market. I wrote about this on my internal Nokia blog. Perhaps I will share what I wrote externally.
  • An idea for future Nokia Communicators: I had this idea a couple of years ago, though Stefan did a much better job describing it than I did.

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