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Nokia E90 has lots of 3G Bands? Prove It!

I’m not sure where Engadget is getting their information, but based on everything that is publicly available, as well as private information I’ve seen in Nokia, I believe that the only 3G band supported on the Nokia E90 will be WCDMA 2100.  I would love for Engadget to be right on this, though, but there’s no evidence they are.

We could always go with the Nokia E90 technical specifications page on Nokia’s site, but let’s go with the FCC documentation that Engadget links to. I poured through all of the PDF files and could not find a single page on any of the documents that matched the one they pictured in the story. Nothing in any of the documentation Engadget links to even *mentions *WCDMA 1700. You would think that WCDMA 1700 would appear in the SAR reports if it supported that band, don’t you think?

This is either sloppy reporting or someone is making this up. Or they’re talking about the phone after the Nokia E90. Whatever, but I have no reason to believe they’re right on this one.

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