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A Real-World SightSpeed 6.0 Experience

I had a little chat with Andy Abramson over SightSpeed 6.0 just now. How much tech can we cram into this call? Let’s see:

  • Given Andy was in a hotel when I talked to him, we got to see just how well SightSpeed 6.0 handles network drops. Pixelation, a problem that seems occur with any video solution when the bandwidth drops momentarily, doesn’t happen with SightSpeed 6.0. The video stops a little, but the video didn’t degrade.
  • Andy used a Plantronics 640 Bluetooth headset to talk to me on. Sounded great.
  • Andy showed off his Nokia N800. Came through wonderfully on SightSpeed 6.0.
  • Andy also streamed some music from Rhapsody off the Nokia N800, which his headset picked up and I then heard through SightSpeed.

As always, a wonderful experience. Now if they could just get the IM fixed… :)

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