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A Makeshift Desk Improves Productivity

Today turned into one of those days at work where I knew that I was going to be working most of the day. And, of course, I was right.

Today, I tried an experiment. My son had moved a couple of my storage crates into the middle of the room to use as a table for us to play Yu-Gi-Oh on last night. We ended up playing in his room instead, but I never bothered to move the crates back.

This morning, when I came upstairs to dig into the day, I saw these crates in the middle of the floor and thought “hey, small desk with less stuff. Let’s use it.” And so I moved my laptop and my phone over there and began to start working.

Storage Crate Desk

Later, when I wanted to have lunch, I moved a couple more crates over next to it and put my food stuff on that as I worked through lunch.

I’ll have to work on the seating arrangements for that desk, but I have to say it worked. It kept me a lot more focused on the task at hand, which did seem to require a lot more attention to things than usual.

I guess this could be another variant of the blogdesk meme that Luca started, but I don’t have enough energy to start another meme. But it does seems like a good idea to limit the number of items in your immediate area to try and maintain focus.

Meanwhile, I’m exhausted from all that focus.

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