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Cleaning Out The Google Reader Post

Yay being behind the 8-ball! At least I didn’t get any calls related to Daylight Saving Time this weekend. But my home network did suffer an unforseen disaster of a critical router. I decided to do away with it to make life a little simpler. Meanwhile, here is some stuff from the RSS feeds (yes, a week old, I know):

  • Why Cell Phones Suck in the US:  I had read Tim Wu’s paper before seeing Russell Shaw’s post on this, but I did take a moment and listen to his interview on the NPR show On The Media. What really would have been good is if the host let the Tim and the CTIA stooge debate over the air instead of the host interviewing Tim then the CTIA stooge.
  • Abandoning Crap: Tommi Vilkano had asked us what we think needs to be expunged from Symbian. I can think of three things: the crap memory management model that kills a running application “just because it needs memory,” a separate WAP and Internet browser (make them one, please!), and inconsistent networking functionality as I ranted about earlier.
  • Unsung Heroes of the Voice Revolution: I couldn’t agree more with Ken’s choices here.
  • Improving Battery Life on the N80ie: While these tips are certainly sound, I won’t be using my Nokia N80 Internet Edition until they make the network stack not suck.
  • Gizmo Gives Free SMS: This is kind of like the Google plugin I have in Firefox, which doesn’t require me to use the CAPTCHA. I understand why it’s there, but it makes it that much more difficult. Google’s plugin is better.
  • Nokia N75 Q&A: The only question we* don’t* get from Ricky Cadden is: when is Cingular going to ship the bad boy? I saw production versions of this phone back in December. Not sure what the holdup is.
  • No Yahoo Voice in the Mac Gizmo?: Tedly wisely points out why Yahoo’s VoIP probably won’t work on a Mac: the fact it uses the Truespeech codec, which has been built into Windows since 1996. Scarily enough, I remember having to download this codec and install it. Heck, back in the RadioNet days, I even encoded our shows into this format for web distribution.

Expect more of these posts in the next few days as I really try hard to get that RSS inbox to zero once again…

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