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Fanboy Death Match

I had gotten a comment from Stefan on my Roughly Drafted post that was less than complimentary about Roughly Drafted’s author, Daniel Eran. So I asked Stefan who I should read to get the other side of the story. He suggested Paul Thurrott’s site Internet Nexus. I’m vaguely familiar with Paul through the Windows Weekly podcast.

While going through the RSS feeds, I came across a direct attack at Paul Thurrott. The whole article was pretty much a direct attack on him, but here’s the juicy part:

What really is so disturbing about his ad nauseam rants against Apple and Google–and any other company that dares to compete against Microsoft–is that he delivers them, not as straightforward, factual criticism based on real issues, but rather as a falsely contrived bit of calculated emotionalism and populist pandering in a truly slimy way, mixing in facts he makes up on the fly and failing to cite any real support for his claims.

Three words for this: Pot. Kettle. Black. (or the more colloquially said “isn’t that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black”)

Meanwhile, this might be an interesting death match: Pro-Windows fanboy versus the Anti-Windows, Pro-Mac Fanboy. Notice I didn’t say Paul Thurrott was anti-Mac, because he’s not. On the Windows Weekly podcasts, he’s been apt to point out areas where Apple has done things right.

In any case, I will be reading both websites, though I am going to be a little more careful about recommending Daniel Eran’s site in the future. It’s obvious now that Daniel Eran can be a bit extreme.

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