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Google Reader Odds and Ends

More off the Google Reader. Funny, my starred list has gotten bigger…

  • The US a Third World Communications Country:  I have to agree with Rich Tehrani. We do live in a third-world country when it comes to communications. That’s what happens when you have a very powerful oligopoly controlling the entire telecommunications space.
  • Verizon pwns Vonage: To the tune of $58 million, which is quite a lot for a company that spends several hundred on customer acquisition and can’t break even with most customers. So if they’re losing so much money, why is it they’re now basically giving away international long distance? And, of course, if you think you can do better than Vonage, you can now prove it for $199 a year.
  • Luca can comment: Poor Luca had a problem leaving comments on my blog. They kept getting flagged as spam. Something about blogspot URLs getting weighted heavily. That’s despite whitelisting him. sigh
  • Daylight Saving Time Snafu with Cingular: You’d think the phone company could get this crap right, but apparently not. Makes me happy that I’m not only not relying on network time from the mobile network, but that I am using an unlocked, unbranded phone where I am beholden to the carrier. Oh yeah, I hate Daylight Saving Time.
  • SupportSpace MVP Party in Seattle: Last night, I got home way too late because I was at a party that my buddies at SupportSpace were hosting at GameWorks in Downtown Seattle. I snapped a few pictures on my Nokia N73 and impressed a few people with the ability to post pictures while at the event.

Meanwhile, off to bed. I’d like to get a little more sleep than I got last night.

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