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Inbox Zero Achieved

For once in my life, my inboxes are zero. That includes the RSS reader! Of course, I still have some things in my “to do” file in some of my other inboxes, but hey, I’ll take victories where I can get them. Meanwhile, here is the last of the debris:

  • Lunch Break Web Worker Style:  Most of the time, I wander down to my kitchen, figure out what form of nutrition I will partake of, prep, and eat. While I’m prepping or eating, I will listen to something like KenRadio or one of the many TWiT podcasts. If I’m not in a listening mood, I’ll read a magazine.
  • Viacom Won’t Win Against YouTube: If you ask me, this could go either way. Like everyone else, I’ll be keeping an eye on this.
  • Vownage: A nice parody of Vonage commercials all around their loss to Verizon in a recent lawsuit.
  • Are WLANs Able To Do VoIP: While Carolyn Schuk writes about the whole WiFi/Cell handoff problem, my question is: is there enough WiFi bandwidth to handle VoIP calls? It’s a question my friend Matthew Gast answered a while ago.
  • Mac OS X 10.4.9 has 45 Security Fixes: While I tend to agree Apple could do more on the security front, I disagree with Paul Thurrott’s assertion that Microsoft is serious about security. Now they have gotten better, I’ll grant you that. However, even with Vista, I still wouldn’t trust a PC to a non-savvy computer user.
  • AT&T Going North for Spectrum?: That’s what Bloomberg is saying anyway. The Canadian rules would have to be changed for AT&T to be able to participate in their upcoming spectrum auctions in 2008 or they’d have to take a minority stake much like AT&T (or was it AT&T Wireless?) did with Rogers way back when.
  • GrandCentral Getting Some NYT Love: As Andy says, for anyone who uses GrandCentral, the article doesn’t go over anything new, though it does mention that having your GrandCentral number call more than 2 other numbers will start costing $15 a month. However, the video David Pogue did is priceless!

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