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Mac Gizmo Goes 3.0

I was on a call today when I got the word that Gizmo Project 3.0 was available on the Mac! I don’t see any announcement on it, but it’s there. Also, no word on when the Linux version is going 3.0.

I have not had a chance to try any of the new features, but the IM looks a hell of a lot better. I can see that it is now possible to add multiple types of contacts:

Add Contact in Gizmo

So there’s Google Talk and SIP. I wonder how you do MSN and Yahoo? Looks like they have some FAQs on it, but I don’t know anyone who regularly uses the MSN and Yahoo clients to try it out. You know, they could have just added it to the pulldown to make it easier.
Initial thoughts on IM:

  • Better, but changing themes in the middle of a chat causes the chat history to disappear (the current session).
  • No “remote user is typing” notifications still. grumble
  • No “markup” of text in chat (i.e. no ability to bold, italic, etc).
  • Tabbed chat windows. Yay!
  • Is there a way to IM with folks on Yahoo or MSN?

Of course, it’s an improvement, but there is plenty to do. My yardstick for a usable IM client is Adium. It’s getting there.

Of course, the VoIP still works good. :)

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