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Daily Cleanup

I’ve done a fair amount of cleaning today. Thrown out a bunch of stuff I wasn’t going to ever going to use again that had no value. Meanwhile, here’s some stuff of value from Google Reader:

  • Cisco buying WebEx: Linked to the official press release. Coverage in the blogosphere from Irwin Lazar, Om Malik, and Jon Arnold. Funny, I actually used WebEx today. My take: it’d go great alongside some of the Linksys business phone solutions.
  • What the Verizon/Vonage Lawsuit Means to the Industry: Rich Tehrani goes into some detail about how this lawsuit will–or won’t–affect the industry. Best comment he referred to: Entrepreneurial companies will always find a way to survive – no matter what.
  • EDGE going 1mb/s: Ericsson has come up with a way to make the venerable EDGE technology used for data service in GSM networks to go up to 1mb/s with just a software upgrade. I can see Cingular and T-Mobile deploying this widely, particularly in areas with low population density. And yes, Virginia, it will require new handsets to take advantage of almost without a doubt. Blogosphere coverage from Engadget and Phone News.
  • NPR fighting RIAA on Royalty Rates: Glad someone is telling the RIAA where to stick it. Complete with discussion on Slashdot.
  • What is Vodafone doing with Skype?: Andy found this, and it does raise some serious questions. Is Vodafone going to set off the thermonuclear device that brings voice to zero worldwide?

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