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Vlip It Good!

From the fine folks at SightSpeed comes the next big thing in video: VLIP. Think social networking with video. Record a video on their site using your webcam and Macromedia Flash. But it’s more than that: you can actually reply to a video. That reply will appear as part of that video stream. A conversation in video. :)

This is “early beta,” so it has some bugs. I found the process of recording a video problematic because my Macromedia Flash settings weren’t correct. I fixed them on my own, but it would have been nice if they had some pointers on making sure your Macromedia Flash settings were correct.

Some of the video sharing features are problematic. For instance, I can’t make the code they use embed correctly in WordPress. Also, the “mail a link” function results in a link that ultimately takes you to a dead page.

It’d also be nice if we could see a “threaded” reply tree in addition to a linear view. For example, maybe I want to see a specific reply to someone’s reply. Right now you have to watch the entire reply stream.

That’s another thing. I know my buddy Ken Camp replied to a video. How can I search for his reply? That doesn’t seem to work.

There is probably a bunch of other bugs, but I am confident the team will be squashing them and otherwise improve the experience there.  Even so, it’s worth checking out.

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