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Junk Rips in iTunes

As I’m going through my music collection in iTunes–all of which I’ve ripped from my own CD collection, thank you very much–I am finding some tracks did not rip very well. I know that mp3 adds some *artifacts *to music. I’m not talking about that. Some tracks have pops or just don’t rip at all. In fact, when iTunes tries to rip the track, it chokes and sputters about. In fact, I have to drop into the command line to kill the application to get it to stop, and even then my MacBook keeps choking on the CD for a minute or two.

When this happens, I take my problem CDs over to my headless Linux box where I access a Kubuntu desktop using VNC. It recognizes the music CD and gives the option to open up KAudioCreator to rip the CD. I find the problematic track(s) and rip them from there. This seems to work for most of the problematic CDs, though there is one track on one of my 80′s Music CDs that even that can’t read.

Of course, the idea of using more than one computer to rip CDs is a workaround to the real problem: why can’t my MacBook drive read the disks properly in the first place?  This worth a call to AppleCare? What say the peanut gallery here?

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