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Some Cool Tools

Found a few cool things today:

  • QTAmateur:  This will become my new default media player. It is essentially a “free” version of QuickTime Pro, meaning it has just about all the functionality in QuickTime Pro without having to spend $30 on it. It’d be nice if it replaced the QuickTime Plugin so I could save media files, but that’s a little too much to ask. One thing it will replace for sure is ffmpegx, which I wrote about previously. I basically plugged in the same settings in QTAmateur and got the same results with much less hassle than with ffmpegx.
  • Google GMail Loader: Take all that old email and load it up into GMail. Could be interesting. I’ve got a lot of old mbox data floating around. Wonder if it would make sense to upload it all.
  • PhoneGnome Adds More Free Calling: Now we’ve got Yahoo, MSN, and GTalk available from PhoneGnome as free calls. I’m surprised I didn’t see this come across the PhoneGnome Blog feed first (though they posted about it). Anyway, it’s nice to see them connect up just like Gizmo Project recently done.
  • Mr. Blog Finds Google Talk Lacking: Funny, I made the same point a few days ago–where the talking (voice)?

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