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Nokia N75 in April? And the N95 in North America?

Engadget was the first to come across my RSS reader with the news that the Nokia N75 may be launching in April. Sounds like the device will be crippled as usual, and you’re better off buying it from Nokia directly or through some other channel.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of hubbub about the Nokia N95 shipping everywhere but North America. Now the rumor is that the delay suggests Cingular AT&T may sell the N95, which both Jonathan Greene and Stefan Constantinescu are throwing out there. I don’t have any inside knowledge about that, but it would certainly be cool.

My speculation, or at least my hope, is that Nokia is going through the non-carry certification route. That means AT&T would allow the device to be used on their network, but wouldn’t sell it, leaving Nokia free to sell the device without carrier branding through alternate retail channels.

Meanwhile, I have to say that Pink N95 that Darla Mack has, while not my color, has me jealous all the same.

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