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We Are On IP, They Are On IP

There’s a point I noticed in an eTel post by David Beckemeyer that I want bring some attention to:

Supposed next-generation products like Grandcentral, Jangl, Robocal, Iotum, and TalkPlus — and not a SIP address among them. We reach them from IP by paying a VoIP termination service X cents per minute to terminate a call to the PSTN. How ridiculous is that? We are on IP. They are on IP. Why in the world should we have to resort to an IP to PSTN gateway and another PSTN back to IP gateway to reach their service when we have well-defined interoperable standards to deliver the call directly over IP? Their service is most likely already built using these standards internally, so adding the ability for reaching the service via IP is zero cost for them.

Shame on them. And shame on us for not even noticing. Telco blood runs deep, apparently.

I agree. Certainly, there’s an IP connection from GrandCentral to Gizmo Project. And I can understand why they want inbound PSTN calls versus IP: the inbound termination costs helps pay the bills. What about the inbound SIP connection into GrandCentral, at least on the upcoming paid version of the service?

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