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Nokia Will Reinvent Itself

This blog posting by Stephen Johnston reminds me that if you look back through the history of Nokia, it has produced a number of products, many of which it no longer produces. In fact, during the early part of my tenure at Nokia, I remember them selling their computer monitor division to ViewSonic. One of the more recent “reinventions” if you will is the formation of Nokia Siemens Networks, which officially goes live today–no April Fools joke.

While I’m obviously not speaking for the company here, I think it’s safe to say that renewal is one of Nokia’s core values. Certainly, it’s an *important *quality to have as a company. I have no doubt that, when the time comes, Nokia will reinvent itself. It may take a little bit of time–let’s face it, large companies take some time to get pointed in a new direction–but I have faith that my fellow Nokia employees will be up to the challenge.

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