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Other Reasons LifeBlog Isn’t Popular–With Me Anyway

This is an older post by Stefan over at Ring Nokia, but I was reminded of it today when I was having issues posting with LifeBlog.  Sure, I’d like to see it post to other types of blogs, but I can accept it won’t. What I have a hard time accepting is that it can’t deal with networking very well. As I’ve stated in previous posts, it doesn’t cope well with the desired connection is in use. Today, I’m trying to post something. I know the network connection isn’t up. It is, however, insisting that “Posting failed, please try again” without giving me any idea why posting failed.

Since 99% of the time when I post from my mobile, it’s to my Vox blog anyway, I think I’ll switch over to the Vox Mobile application, which seems to be far better behaved. For the odd post from my mobile that needs to go to here, I’ve got other ways to post

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