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Could I Use a Multimedia Computer for 30 Days?

This experiment that Symbian Guru is going to do will be interesting: live on a Nokia phone for 30 days, using his desktop only for storage. Can he do it? We’ll see. I personally would not have picked the N73, given it’s lack of WiFi, but hey, horses for courses.

The closest I came to this was using my Nokia 9500 Communicator as my sole computer for one week while I was on vacation a few years back. It at least has a full keyboard built-in, so I wouldn’t need a Bluetooth Keyboard. I was able to do email, though I did not do a whole lot of posting to my blog. Mostly due to lack of time.

If I were going to do such an “experiment” again, it would have to be with a phone with a full keyboard. I suppose I could try my Nokia E61, but I’d really like to try it with the Nokia E90 Communicator. At least that has a larger screen, has a decent camera, and built-in GPRS. Probably has better battery life too, something the “Communicators” are well known for.

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