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Meme: Symbian History

Cybette tagged me on this Symbian History meme Olly started. Some of my Symbian history can be summarized in this video:

So let’s see if I can do this in chronological order, or roughly. No, I don’t know which version of Symbian is on each one, though I’m sure I could look if I had the inclination:

  • Nokia 9290, i.e. third generation Communicator. We called it “the brick” and the biggest problem with this phone was that it was released after GPRS was the norm, and yet this phone didn’t have it. Made the phone a useless brick.
  • Nokia 3650. Yes, with the annoying round keyboard and no GSM850. My wife actually liked this phone (we both had one for a while).
  • Nokia 6260, which I imported from the UK. Also lacks GSM850. I’d say it’s a decent pre-cursor to the Nokia N90. I didn’t end up using this phone for too long, though I still have it.
  • Nokia 9500, which is a prototype. Thanks to the WiFi and the keyboard, I carried this phone for almost a year.
  • Nokia 9300, which wasn’t a prototype, but was really missing WiFi.
  • Nokia E70 (a prototype), which until I realized how little memory it has compared to, say, the E61, was my favorite phone.
  • Nokia E62 (prototype), which I really liked until I got annoyed at the record button and the lack of WiFi.
  • Nokia N73 and Nokia N93: Got these on the same day from Nokia Blogger Relations. The Nokia N73 is a great camera, the Nokia N93 is a great video camera. My wife has even used the Nokia N93 to tke video before.
  • Nokia E61: My work *horse phone. Love the keyboard, speed, and memory on it, though I am not enamored of the memory *management, which is a problem on all S60 3rd Edition devices. Would like to get a Nokia E61i, which has a camera.
  • Nokia N80 Internet Edition, also from Nokia Blogger Relations. The slider can be annoying occasionally, as can the battery life. After the firmware upgrade to 4.0707.0.7, it seems to be a lot more stable network-wise and the camera seems to be a little better.

So what am I carrying right now? The N80 Internet Edition. Seems to be the best compromise. I may add the E61 back into the mix next week when I travel to NYC for a couple of days.

I don’t have anyone to tag as everyone I know has already been tagged.

Update: Let me reconsider who I want to tag:

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