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SightSpeed is Green–In More Ways Than One

Having spent 9 years telecommuting, I know first hand the benefits of working remotely. Of course, back when I first started, I didn’t have DSL or Cable Modems: I had ISDN. Between my ISDN, which was around $150 a month, my landline, which could be $200-$300 a month with the long distance, and my mobile phone, which was at minimum $60, it was costly from a financial standpoint. These days, it costs less, or at least I get a lot more for my money.

Of course, if I could use SightSpeed, I could get more up-close and personal with my co-workers. Unfortunately, the corporate firewall pretty much makes SightSpeed something that I can’t use at work. Haven’t tried Skype with Video yet…

Meanwhile, SightSpeed is touting their greenness factor, both how their tool provides a “greener” alternative to meeting face to face, and the fact their company goes virtual much of the time. Nothing like practicing what you preach.

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