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Nokia N80 Internet Edition No Longer Charging

There’s a reason I travel with multiple cell phones: you never know when it will stop working. Today, I discovered a lovely problem with my Nokia N80 Internet Edition: it will no longer charge. Something about the power connector “no longer clicks.” The end result: it’s a brick. I don’t have any other phone that uses that same battery, so there’s no way to charge the battery. Back to Nokia Blogger Relations it goes, where they will hopefully get it fixed. Meanwhile, I have replaced it with the WiFi-less-but-better-camera Nokia N73.

That’s not the only phone I’ve got to send in. My wife’s Nokia 6102 also has the peculiar problem of* thinking* the headset is plugged in when, in fact, it’s not. Despite the fact the problem has been discussed a few times on the various forum sites, Nokia’s call center has no clue about this problem. The phone is also out of warranty, so I’d have to pay to have it sent in. Yes, even though I work there, I have to pay.

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