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Catching Up On Old RSS

I am not even going to attempt to read what’s currently marked as “new” in the RSS reader. At least not right now. I am, however, going to go through what I’ve been meaning to get to for a while and highlight a few older things here:

  • GAIM wen Pidgin, yah?: As a result of an ongoing, secretive trademark dispute with AOL, GAIM has now been renamed to Pidgin. Seems like a fitting name for an IM client, if you have any clue what pidgin is. Having lived in Hawaii for a few years, I am all too familiar with Hawaiian Pidgin.
  • Why Cell Phones Aren’t Allowed On Planes: Two people: Big-Time Bob, and First-Time Betty. Listeners to KenRadio know who I’m talking about.
  • Keep Internet Radio Free: The folks at Pandora remind us that new royalty rates are about to go into effect. This link will allow you to craft a letter to your Congress critters that will be faxed to them free of charge.
  • Pink Floyd TV: Ok, it’s just links to stuff on YouTube, but hey. It’s Pink Floyd!
  • Skype For Mac 2.6 Improved: The “typing” indicator caught me off guard the other day. That addresses one of my Skype complaints, and it even worked with someone using a PC version that didn’t have this feature. Skype’s PR folks get an F, though. They didn’t tell me about this version even after I expressed an interest to them.
  • What Kind of Computer?: For me, it’s more than just one or more computers. It’s mobile devices such as my Nokia handsets and now the Internet tablet.
  • Why the Nokia N95 is Better than the iPhone: Most importantly, you can get it today.

That’s the stuff older than a week. I’ll have to come back and do the others later.

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