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Sunday Roundup

I’m almost to Inbox Zero on Google Reader. Here are a few things that caught my interest this weekend:

  • You Might Be A Web Worker:  It’s not about your “lifestyle.” Well, maybe it is. But it’s definitely not about whether you work for a large company like I do or you work for yourself. It’s about how you view and use the web to get things done. I would go so far as to say it’s not even about being a “Web Worker” but rather having the web being an integral part of your work and play, which it certainly is for me.
  • Full versus Partial RSS Feeds: I am not into partial RSS feeds. In fact, with a couple of exceptions, I basically do not subscribe to sites with partial feeds. I like full RSS feeds. Ads in the RSS feed, so long as they aren’t obnoxious, are fine with me. I just wish I could figure out how to get MHonArc to output a full RSS feed for FW1-Gurus.
  • Twitter is Better than Digg: I have to agree with Jeff Pulver: Twitter is better. It’s more immediate. It forces people to be concise. *I am also more likely to see recommendations from like-minded people, thus a greater chance I might actually *like what is being recommended.
  • Digital Media Archival a Challenge: With all the new data formats and the ever-increasing progress of technology, I have to wonder at what point all those pictures we took will simply not be readable. Maybe I’ll go through the CDs my wife burned and reburn them to DVD. And then I’ll have to reburn them to something else. I also have to wonder if the conversion process the studios are going through will introduce “lossiness” into the process. Did they store the data in an uncompressed format? If not, expect some extra “artifacts” to be introduced in the conversion process.
  • DD-WRT Going Down the Sveasoft Path?: This guy clearly has it out for the folks at DD-WRT, who make alternate firmware for the Linksys WRT54GS and other routers. The guy at the linked article claims that DD-WRT is starting to do some of the stuff that Sveasoft did with their “open-source” firmware, namely do some questionable stuff with other people’s code. I admit to not having verified all of this on my own, however it did give me a reason to try a new firmware I had been hearing about: Tomato. I loaded it on my WRT54GS. The interface is a lot nicer, or at least a lot less “bloated.”

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