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The Covad Experience Has Begun

I am in Covad’s Blogger Relations program. As part of that process, I get to have a T1 at my house installed and managed by them. And yes, I have to write about it. Today is where the rubber starts meeting the road.

Today, I got my phone call from Covad telling me that the Qwest portion of my installation was going to occur Wednesday–the local exchange carrier always has to do their part first. I had the call directed through GrandCentral, of course, which I attempted to pick up through Gizmo. For whatever reason, the touch tones didn’t seem to be passing thru to Covad, so I decided to call Covad just to confirm the date.

I was greeted by someone who took my information and transferred me “to the right department.” I was told a little more information than I needed, namely that Qwest denied the original request because they didn’t have space in the CO for my T1 circuit, but they later “found it” and scheduled my install for Wednesday. The Covad part of my installation wouldn’t happen until May 14th. Not quite sure what the backstory is there.

Later on, I get a call from the local Qwest guy telling me he was coming out today to run the T1 line. Sweet. When he got here, I of course walked out to talk with him and find out what he was doing, etc. It’s always a good idea to be around when Qwest, or any other telco, is out doing things at your demarc. You always find out so much good stuff about the local network by talking to the rank and file installers.

A few hours later–it took them a while to get people on both ends to test the circuit–the T1 is in and functioning. I have another cool little box hanging off my house for the T1 circuit. Now I get to wait until Covad works their magic before I can do anything else with it.

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