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Hand-Me-Down Gadgets

I think this not really accurately-titled post by Andy Abramson goes into one of the cool things about acquiring gadgets: being able to give them away when the next, shiny-shiny thing comes along.

The bread line for gadgets in my house is my friends and family. Not that they are gadget hounds or anything–quite the opposite, in fact–but if I see a need that can be filled by something in my arsenal and I’m not currently using it, I will either loan it or give it away.  Many a phone I have acquired has been either loaned or given to a family member or a friend thereof. Many computers, or parts thereof, have been given to friends if something they have “goes out.”

There are but a few people who are of the “gotta have it now” crowd, and fewer still who can either afford it and/or can justify the expense. I can’t justify buying most new gadgets, though I am lucky enough to be in a good bread line. ;)

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