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Nokia N95 Arrived Today!

Today was a good day for gadgets, but a bad day for getting to play with them too much.

As I expected, the Nokia N95 arrives today. Sand colored. Looks nice. Of course did the usual: upgrade the firmware, charge the battery, etc. Got it hooked up to the corporate Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite server to sync the contacts and calendar across. Configured it to use my local WiFi, Nokia Podcasting and just generally feel my way through the UI.

From a UI standpoint, this phone is fast. Certainly faster than any of the other phones I’ve had so far. The layout it a little different. Better organized sub-menus. It downloaded podcasts over WiFi faster than any of my other phones have done.  Phone calls were good. Have not tried the camera just yet. Keyboard is very usable. The web browser was faster too.

There is a lot that I need to check out on this phone still, but alas I have this thing called work and the rest of my life to attend to. Trust me, I will be spending some time with this phone over the next few days and will type up my thoughts as I have time.

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