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TinyTwitter… On my Phone!

(Title sung to the tune of Tiny Bubbles by the late Don Ho)

No, I’m not talking about the Mobile Twitter interface that the Twitter folks finally got done, I am talking about a Twitterrific-like application for your mobile phone called TinyTwitter. I’ve been wanting to use this application for a while now, but every time I tried to use it before today, I would get a failed attempt at authenticating. Today, after a little cajoling from me, the author fixed the authentication bug and I was off and running with TinyTwitter.

The application is a J2ME application and should run on most phones that support J2ME. I tried it on my Nokia N95 and it worked pretty well. I also, for kicks, fired it up on my Nokia 9500 Communicator and it works there as well. Here’s what it looks like on the Nokia N95:

TinyTwitter Screenshot

The program uses the Twitter API to fetch the latest 20 tweets. You can send in tweets (of course), both public and private. However, you have to type in your tweet first then specify if you want to send it to someone privately. You can specify multiple people, which is neat. It’d be neater if you could specify groups. :)

The biggest thing this app has over some of the others is the fact that the application will, in theory, auto-update the tweet list. That alone makes it worth the price of admission. I have had some issues with this part of the app, but it seems to work after a manual refresh for a while.

I  will be using this application more over the next few days. The fact I can leave it running on a Nokia 9500 permanently tethered to a power cord might make an interesting replacement for Twitterrific on my Mac.

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