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Joining the iPod Generation

I got word yesterday I had won an iPod Shuffle. Given that I carry a number of Nokia phones that can effectively serve as music and video players, I wasn’t in any hurry to actually buy an iPod. However, I certainly can’t turn down a free one. Not sure when it will show, but I’m looking forward to trying the whole iTunes experience from soup to nuts.

One of my neighbors at the bus stop this morning was sporting an iPod, which was entirely new. He told me he had bought the Nano for his wife–the fact it was pink suggests that’s probably true–but after playing with it a little bit, he wants to get one for himself. He started asking me about the whole iTunes experience, how purchased music could be moved around and so forth. I had to explain what DRM was and why it makes things painful. Apple’s DRM is better than much of the other DRM, but still.

I know how the stuff works in theory, but because I’ve never had an iPod, I’ve never had to deal with these issues first-hand, making my experience more theoretical than practical. I’m looking forward to gaining some practical experience not only for my own use but to help out my friends and neighbors who are also just starting down this iPod road.

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