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Texting and Driving About to be Illegal in WA State

As someone who does this on occasion, I was watching news about this bill with anticipation. It looks very likely that Governor Gregoire is going to sign this bill outlawing texting while driving and requiring people to use a hands-free device if you’re going to talk. The texting provisions go into effect 1 Jan 2008 and the talking without a handsfree device without driving will go into effect 1 July 2008.

Of course, if the idea is to ban all distractions that might prevent you from driving with your full attention, how about we also ban:

  • Grooming yourself while driving
  • Eating while driving
  • Kids in the car
  • Other passengers in the car
  • Thinking while driving
  • Changing the radio station/what’s playing on your iPod while driving

Why are we singling out mobile phone use from all these others?

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