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$10k Prize for Best App using Voxbone’s API

Voxbone provides services to Internet telephony service providers. I like the idea of providing an API of sorts to allow your customers to programatically provision phone numbers, call routing, and the like. Anything that makes the process quick and painless both for Voxbone and the ITSPs are a good thing. How well it all works, of course, remains to be seen, as is how many companies will enter this contest. A great way to gauge and generate some interest in your service. I’d love to see what people entering this contest come up with.

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2007 – Voxbone, a leading provider of international VoIP origination services to carriers, ITSPs, calling card operators, call centers and other businesses around the world, today announced Version 2.0 of its API, called VoxAPI, along with a contest in which the winner will receive $10,000 for the best application built with it.

Using the latest version of VoxAPI, customers can view Voxbone’s coverage, order DID numbers, configure the routing and forwarding of DID numbers, and manage the capacity allocated to DID numbers — all through a machine-machine interface in real time. As a result, customers are able to completely automate their transactions and lower their operational costs while maintaining high-quality service.

VoxAPI also allows Voxbone to automate its interactions with carrier customers to ensure accuracy, provide faster customer service and lower operational costs in order to remain highly competitive.

A number of VoIP providers already use Voxbone’s API. For example, Voztelecom ( provides a hosted VoIP service to carriers and service providers and has implemented Voxbone’s API in its software. This allows its customers to use the Voxbone service directly from its software. In addition, Cordia Corporation (OTCBB: CORG) ( has implemented its Magellan service as a white label and automated solution, using Voxbone’s API to automate the ordering and configuration of DID numbers.

According to Rodrigue Ullens, co-founder of Voxbone, “The contest is a great way to demonstrate the power of VoxAPI and to uncover creative ways to realize business benefits. We are looking forward to evaluating entries and awarding $10,000 to the winner.”

Contest Specifics
Winning projects will be selected based upon the business perspectives of the project, originality and technical capabilities.

The top three winners will receive the following benefits:
·  Recognition as a Voxbone certified developer. Recommendation to customers and partners in need of a third-party developer for integrating the Voxbone API.
· Marketing and promotion of winning projects to the specialized press and to Voxbone contacts
· Listing and description of winning projects on the Voxbone website
In addition, the first-place winner will be awarded $10,000.

Questions about the contest may be addressed to [email protected]. In addition, complete rules are available at</wbr>est.jsf.

Voxbone leases international VoIP virtual phone numbers and worldwide origination services via VoIP to organizations in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions. It delivers high-quality call origination and provides the global infrastructure that enables its customers to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently. Using direct inbound dial (DID) also called virtual numbers from Voxbone, customers may receive inexpensive, locally dialed phone calls.  Using standard VoIP hardware, customers utilize the Voxbone API or web portal for the configuration of the acquired DIDs and to choose to which IP appliance the calls are diverted.

About Voxbone (
Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Voxbone provides worldwide DID numbers and free phone numbers over a private intercontinental VoIP. The switchless architecture of the Voxbone network enables customers to realize the benefits of IP communications by rapidly deploying new services with local presence and simultaneously reducing costs.

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