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GreenUmbrella: Extended Warranty For All Your Gadgets

Here’s an interesting concept: instead of buying an extended warranty for each gadget or gizmo, buy a single one. GreenUmbrella offers exactly this service. For $9.95 a month, most newly purchased electronics, appliances, and computers will be covered for up to 3 years from the date of item purchase. The item will be repaired or replaced as appropriate.

There are some restrictions, of course. Mobile phones of any sort are not covered by this plan, nor is anything worth at least $5,000 and come with a manufacturer warranty of at least 90 days. You must register all device purchases online and, of course, keep the receipts. You’ll need them in case you need warranty service.

If you buy a lot of electronic items, this might be a good thing. However, for the more casual purchaser like myself, this just seems like money down the drain and a lot of profit for GreenUmbrella.

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