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Gizmo Project on Nokia N80 and Nokia N95–A Proper Version

My employer has released via the beta labs a proper Gizmo Project client for the Nokia N80 and Nokia N95. This means in addition to VoIP, you also get IM capability. Seems to work pretty well, considering the lack of a QWERTY keyboard on both phones. I did a test call from my N95 with Marc Orchant and it sounded perfect!

What’s interesting about how this application works is that it integrates directly into your address book. The Gizmo contact list simply becomes another “tab” in Nokia’s Contact List that you can scroll over to. From there you can initiate Gizmo IM or calls. The IM function supports multiple concurrent chats, but has a small issue. If you don’t use T9 (which I don’t) and you are typing in a message while a new message has come in, while that new message scrolls across the top of the screen, it does not properly allow me to do the multiple keypresses necessary when not using T9, thus messing up my text input.

What’s also cool is that the app allows you to change your call forwarding settings, activate your voice mail box, and buy more Gizmo Call Out minutes. The latter opens up the web browser, which will take you to a mobile-friendly site where you can see your balance and purchase minutes as well as a Call In number for your Gizmo account.

This is a fantastic application for the Nokia N80 and Nokia N95. I hope they release it for more phones soon, particularly the Eseries phones. This is a winner.

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