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Always Have A Backup

Today, I ended up taking my son to his trampoline class and had left my Nokia N95 charging at home. I had worn the battery down to 2 bars today, which means I probably would have drained it had I not charged it. Had I truly relied on only that device, I would have been up the proverbial creek. Then again, if I needed the mobile phone to start the car, I wouldn’t have forgotten it. :)

However, I am blogging this post from a Nokia E61 that I had in my pocket. It has a T-Mobile SIM that I rarely use, but it does have WiFi. Good thing as there is no GSM signal inside this building, but they provide an open WiFi.

I did take the opportunity to try the new Gizmo Project client that was designed for the Nokia N80 and N95 on the E61. Seems to work more or less okay, though there is occasionally some delay in recognizing keypresses in chat, particularly at the beginning of typing a message. And, because there’s WiFi here, I can make calls. And blog. :)

There are some clear advantages to having a lot of things on one device, but there are also some clear advantages of having a backup too. It’s a trade-off, for sure…

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