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Skype Out Quality Has Improved

Since January or so, I have been using Skype to attend the various teleconferences I need to call into. It used to be a lot more of a crapshoot, but now things have very much improved. The latest Mac version of Skype has substantially improved the reliability of DTMF so that I can actually join these conferences. The voice quality is now fairly consistent as well.

Andy Abramson points us to some news that Skype is going to be using Teleglobe for voice termination. I have never heard of this company, but apparently it’s helping to ease Andy’s concerns about Skype Out quality. It’s pretty good right now in my book!

The one thing I wish Skype would do is quit using G.729 for Skype Out calls.  I’d love to see them apply their wideband codecs to PSTN calls as well, or at the very least, use G711.

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