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Major Life Changes Ahead

Over the past several days, my wife ended up finding “the perfect house.” The good news is that it, overall, meets our needs better, it’s much bigger, closer to civilization, and in a really great neighborhood with people we know. The problem is, of course, it’s more money. A lot more money. And it’s not like existing home sales are exactly good right now either.  In short, there will be a lot of belt-tightening in the household and a lot of duct tape will be applied to make sure the ends meet and stay together.

Today we are signing an offer letter, which we are very certain will be accepted. That sets a whole series of next steps in motion which are going to be both time-consuming and expensive. Between that, the Garage Sale we are having tomorrow, and the business trip I have scheduled for next week, I may be just a little pre-occupied. That means you’ll probably see less output on the blog, at least for the next week or so.

I’m going to have to do something to earn extra money to buy duct tape. ;) I may end up doing (paid) writing for some other blogs and/or do other things that I can do in my spare time to bring in extra money. If you have any legitimate suggestions, please email me directly (dwelch AT phoneboy DOT com), post them in the comments, or contact me using one of the handy-dandy call buttons on the right sidebar of the page (assuming you’re not reading via RSS).

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