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Nutsie Has Potential…

The Symbian Guru reviewed nuTsie earlier today. I have to agree, it’s a pretty cool idea for an app. The idea of streaming music to my mobile phone is something I’ve wanted since I purchased a locker on MP3Tunes. However, I have some serious issues with it–serious enough that I would much rather sync my Nokia N95 with Nokia Media Transfer.

  1. The app requires that I enable Warning sounds in my profile on my Nokia N95. I turn these off for a reason.
  2. Can’t control the volume with my usual volume control. Lame!
  3. The tracks are encoded in a lower quality bitrate. Now that’s useful for streaming over EDGE, but I’d appreciate the option of choosing a higher bitrate when I’m using WiFi.
  4. Some of the tracks are flat out wrong or are missing large chunks of data.”Us and Them” on Dark Side of the Moon is only 3:29? Try 7:40 (at least on my copy). Oh wait, it is playing the whole song. Obviously displaying the wrong information in the client.
  5. I can hear “blips” and such. Not sure if it’s due to streaming, bad encoding, or what. But it detracts from the experience.

I will be watching this app develop. I’d love to see a native Symbian version of this app. The fact this is a Java app is supposed to explain why #1 and #2 are issues.

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