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Another Nokia Re-Org Coming

The one thing that seems constant in my 8+ tenure at Nokia is change: my job has changed, the name for the part of the company I work for has changed (though the part I work for has not) and various business units get shuffled around and recombined with one another.  It happens at all large companies from time to time, but it seems like we go through this every other year or so at Nokia.

Anyway, the latest press release issued today talks about the new world order at Nokia as of 1 January 2008. That means taking the current business groups, which looks like:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Multimedia
  • Enterprise Solutions

And changes it to:

  • Devices
  • Software and Services
  • Markets

Devices–notice that it’s not mobile phones–has a pretty clear goal: make a single *portfolio of killer devices. They will undoubtedly be mobile phones for the most part for the foreseeable future, but it’s more than just that. And it will be a *single portfolio instead of overlapping and competing offerings from the three different business groups.

Software and Services are about generating revenue from these two areas, whether they are integrated with the devices or something that can be monetized separately. I have to assume this not only includes device-related software, but it includes stuff like the enterprise network security space where I work.

Markets is about selling. However, they are also responsible for creating the bundles of devices, services, applications, and enhancements to be sold to customers. They will also manage the supply chain to ensure the solutions can be delivered to the customers.

Also, there will be a new Chief Development Office created. Current Enterprise Solutions head Mary McDowell will be the new Chief Development Officer.

Obviously, this is all relatively new and I haven’t had time to digest it all. More details will come out as time goes on.

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