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Random Nokia-Related Thoughts

Not much tech stuff in my craw lately.

  • How to carry an extra MicroSD card with your N95:  This Darla Mack reader sent in the suggestion. It’s clever for sure, but I actually take off my battery cover every now and again. It might not be practical for me.
  • CTIA Wants George Bush to Veto ITC Ban on Qualcomm Chips: The reason I mention this here is because of the bitter patent dispute between Qualcomm and Nokia. The carriers are upset by this ruling as it basically cuts off a large chunk of their phone supply. Nokia, whom doesn’t use Qualcomm chips, is not affected by this ruling. More Nokia’s in the carrier channel perhaps?
  • New Nokia N95 Firmware Coming: Being a Nokia employee and that I periodically look for these things, I’ve been running a version of firmware on my Nokia N95 for a few weeks now. When Ricky announced the firmware he got, I of course upgraded my device. My maps application wasn’t upgraded–I had to install the released-but-pulled Nokia Maps beta. But that new beta maps app + A-GPS rocks the house, just in terms of speed of getting a location! And it works much better indoors as well!
  • Jaiku gets some press on Yes, at least some of us Nokia employees like the Jaiku app. I’d probably be singing their praises on the S60 Blogs myself if I weren’t waiting for my “new” blog over there to get created. :)
  • New Maps Loader App Rocks The House: I have to agree with Ricky Cadden’s sentiments on the new map loader, it’s a heck of a lot faster. It does have kind of a funky UI to it, but so did the the previous version. Even so, I’m glad it only took about 20 minutes to load both the Washington and California maps to the N95. I think they download it to the PC first and then copy it to the device, as opposed to downloading it directly to the device. That will slow the process down substantially.

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