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Get Your SightSpeed Down Under!

The folks at SightSpeed are putting some servers up in Australia to make the video experience that much better. While much of the traffic between callers is peer-to-peer, there are some services that flow through SightSpeed’s servers. Mutli-party video conferencing is one such example. Having servers located in Australia helps makes SightSpeed a great choice for the Aussies and Kiwi’s (New Zealand) alike.

Press release after the break.



Australian provider of communications solutions will work with SightSpeed

to market personal video services in Australia and New Zealand

BERKELEY, Calif., and BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia–June 26, 2007—SightSpeed Inc., the leading provider of personal video services over the Internet, has announced a partnership with Network Optimiser Solutions Ltd. (NetOpt), a leading value-added infrastructure integrator and distributor of business security and communications solutions. NetOpt, which focuses its services in Australia and New Zealand, will market SightSpeed’s personal video services there to consumers and small to medium-sized businesses.

“Working with NetOpt offers SightSpeed an excellent opportunity to further expand our services internationally,” said SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy. “And Australia represents a wonderful growth market, since many of the video services broadband users are looking for have not been broadly available Down Under.”

SightSpeed, widely recognized as providing the highest quality free video calls, also lets users with webcams hold video conferences, participate in video chat and leave video e-mail to one person or many. It’s the perfect answer for Australian broadband users, who in a recent survey put Internet calling and video conferencing at the top of their wish-lists.

In addition, SightSpeed lets users post videos to their blogs or personal Web pages, offers unlimited computer-to-computer voice-only calling for PCs or Macs, and provides calling to and from traditional and cell phones.

“With numerous awards under its belt, its reputation for quality and the range of personal video services it offers, I’m confident Australians will pick up on SightSpeed’s advantages very quickly,” said Rick Nand, NetOpt managing director. “We plan to put our full commitment behind this launch.”

To create a top-quality experience for users, SightSpeed will use servers located in Australia, providing a faster response time and eliminating the delay experienced by providers using overseas servers.

To learn more about SightSpeed or to download award-winning SightSpeed 6.0 for Windows or Mac, visit for the U.S. version or for the Australian version.

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About SightSpeed Inc.

SightSpeed Inc. offers consumers and small businesses the most complete and compelling suite of personal video services over the Internet. The company’s flagship service is SightSpeed 6.0. SightSpeed 6.0’s award-winning free and premium services include best-in-class video and voice over IP (VVoIP), voice over IP (VoIP) and text messaging (IM). SightSpeed 6.0 also offers support for mobile personal video. SightSpeed’s suite of industry-leading video services offers unique opportunities for video-enabled advertising and e-commerce. The company’s newest offering, Vlip, is an interactive video site in early beta that uses innovative “threader” technology to link Vlip video posting and replies together on and across multiple Web sites, blogs and wikis, enabling viewers to observe a sequence of video exchanges, not merely a single video post.

Founded in 2001 and based in Berkeley, California, SightSpeed is a privately held company funded by The Roda Group, best known for launching Ask Jeeves and PolyServe. For more information about SightSpeed, visit and check out a whole new and different side of SightSpeed at .

ABOUT Network Optimiser Solutions Ltd. (NETOPT)

NetOpt specialises in the delivery of niche products and leading edge technologies to the Consumer, Single Office Home Office and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company also provides Infrastructure Optimisation Solutions for the SME and Large Enterprise sector. For more information, visit .

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