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Some Feedback on Hictu!

Hictu! has certainly evolved from what it used to be. Now it has turned into Abbeynet‘s answer to Twitter and Jaiku, albeit without a mobile-specific client (though they do include a mobile website). It aggregates your RSS feeds. And, oh yeah, they also do video too, just like SightSpeed’s vlip. Read Luca’s announcement about it.

After having played with it, I have to say it has some promise. But, of course, there are some issues, which I will enumerate. Note that all of these are fixable.

  • The mobile URL really should be At least that’s the “lingo” these days. :)
  • There’s no way to reply to a Hictu message on the mobile site.
  • There’s no way to see video on the mobile site.
  • There’s no way to upload video on the mobile site. How about an email address to send MMS-quality videos to?
  • It’s not possible to mix text and video in an entry.
  • When adding feeds via the web, it won’t autodetect the RSS feed for a given URL. Gotta know the RSS feed. If my browser can do this, I would think a website could.
  • The web site constantly requires me to re-log in. How about storing a long-term cookie for that like everyone else?

Of course, the real problem with these lifestream aggregators is if none of my contacts are using it, then it’s not going to be something I use that much. Right now, Jaiku is getting the attention of all the Nokia-carrying folk. But if you don’t have a high-end Nokia, Hictu may be for you.

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