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And Then There Was Two

In preparation for my move, I canceled my business land line at home. I don’t really use it that much anyway, so there’s no huge loss there. This line also had my DSL on it, which means I now only have two hardwired Internet connections at home: Cable and my Covad T-1.

To be honest, I’m not using the cable service all that much either. I could probably cancel that as well, but I should have a backup “just in case.” The Covad T-1 has been rock-solid, consistent, and predictable as any good Internet connection should be. Even though the cable is faster, the T-1 has simply been more reliable overall.

Unfortunately, when I move, I will be unable to get Covad service in the new place. However, the local phone company offers 10mb DSL (using ADSL2). Reliability, of course, remains to be seen, but the price is the same or better than my Qwest DSL was. Comcrap Comcast only offers 6mb service. They have this “powerboost” thing that boosts your bandwidth for the first 10mb of a file download. Big deal.

Mobile phone service will be a lot better in the new location, though mysteriously, Verizon doesn’t have EVDO coverage in Gig Harbor. Maybe the fact CenturyTel is the local exchange carrier has something to do with that. Not able to get T-1s out to the towers or something, I guess, or CenturyTel wants to charge an arm and a leg for the privilege (because they can) and Verizon doesn’t want to pay. Sprint has EVDO coverage. Wonder what’s up there. Could be the maps are wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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