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Mail for Exchange for the Nokia N73 and Nokia N95

It’s not all the Nseries devices, but getting the Mail for Exchange client for the N95 and N73 is a step in the right direction. Mail for Exchange is Nokia’s ActiveSync client, allowing you to synchronize the contacts, calendar, and email on your phone by using the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol. It’s a little lighter weight than the Intellisync Mobile Suite, which also offers compatibility with other (non-Exchange) email solutions and more control over the device.

The various sites announcing this show it as being in the Download! catalog, but not if you have a US SIM like I do (supposedly, the Download! catalog is different based on what country your SIM is). However, you can download the software anyway from the web. Select Americas region, other operator, and your device. You will be offered the 1.6.1 version of Mail for Exchange, which you can then install to your Eseries, Nokia N73, or Nokia N95 device.

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