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Nokia N800 and N95 Gets New Firmware

As has been widely reported this morning, the Nokia N95 now has version firmware, which sports the infamous A-GPS feature (Assisted GPS, e.g. using the mobile phone network to help lock on to GPS faster). I’ve actually been using this version of firmware for a few weeks now and, while using the Nokia Maps beta (which I was lucky enough to download before it was pulled), the GPS lock-on has, in most cases, been noticeably faster. When I was driving on I-5 up from Tacoma on the 4th, though, the GPS lock-on was slower than usual. Then again, I expect since that’s not an area I visit regularly, the cell phone network may not have been much assistance. ;) I believe battery life may be better on this firmware, but don’t quote me on that. ;)

Of course, whether or not you can actually download this new firmware with Nokia Software Updater depends on your operator variant. Unbranded devices should be able to download the firmware right now. You may have to wait a while if you bought your N95 from a carrier–and why would you do that, exactly?

The other new firmware release today was for the N800 Internet Tablet. New features include Skype support, Adobe Flash 9 with improved performance–supposedly YouTube videos play a lot better now–official support for SDHC cards (up to 8gb supported), and improved battery life. The battery life on the N800 was already pretty good, but more never hurts! You can read more on the maemo site.

I do like how the backup I did of the N800 before I backed up not only backed up all my documents and the like–not that I had any–but it also backed up my various settings for things like my WiFi and my application repositories. Makes reinstalling all the applications just a little easier, but of course the process is still time-consuming.

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