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SPA Configuration Wizard

One project I have worked on for Voxilla is writing a Sipura SPA Configuration Wizard. While Sipura has their own wizard, we needed to do one on Voxilla to fulfill an agreement with one of our business partners. I figured, if we were going to do it just for them, why not also do it for other providers. At this writing, we have settings for 11 different providers, and it’s relatively easy to add additional providers.

Basically the way this wizard works is like this: The Sipura SPA devices have a web interface. Basically, changes that are made to the device are done via a POST operation to the web server on the SPA. It’s quite trivial to write a program to essentially spit out modified configuration parameters. I designed my program to be relatively modular and very easy to add another provider in. It does mean modifying the code of the CGI script, but I don’t see that as a huge problem. Furthermore, I’ve made it so that I’ve pushed as much “detail” as far away from the “print” lines as is reasonable. Makes it real easy to see what’s going on.

The next step is to do some wizards for the SPA-3000. THe SPA-3000 is a bit more complicated in terms of what you can do. It looks like I will be building a few different pages depending on the scenario. I hope to utilize the same backend program to genereate the changes for the SPA-3000, though I know some changes will have to be made to accomodate.

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