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Andy Abramson is Married. Really!

I knew this was happening, but I got word from Jim Courney at Skype Journal saying it’s official. Legally? Not really, as Andy has explained on KenRadio, but As far as I’m concerned, they were married long before the wedding in France happened, but it’s honestly and truly official now! I’ve always been of the opinion you’re married when you both make the conscious choice to make that commitment. The marriage certificate is just paperwork to make the government happy. The ceremony is for everyone else’s benefit.Best of luck to Andy and Helene in their new life together.Update:  Leave it to Andy to get the right person to officiate to make the wedding official. Extra congratulations are in order! I bet Ken Rutkowski will be surprised since he’s been referring to it as a “fake wedding” the past several weeks now on KenRadio.

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