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A Truly Low-Cost Data Plan For Your Mobile

Rico Mossesgeld over at The Smart PDA lets us know how cheap it is get truly unlimited high-speed data from your mobile phone in the Phillipines: about $40 US a month. And that’s HSDPA (over 1mb/second) speeds with supposedly no limits, either. I do have to wonder what his mobile carrier’s policy on VoIP is.

Certainly a far cry from the $40 a month my “Unlimited PDA” plan with AT&T costs. The speeds are nowhere near a megabit a second. They port block. They tell you that you can’t use VoIP or do things that actually use the bandwidth you’re paying for. Every other carrier in the US is the same or worse.

Do we pay too much for mobile data in the US? Do we get our money’s worth, truly? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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